Occupancy with the Scandinavian concept, today is not only one of the contemporary designs that are popular in Indonesian society. But it can also be used as an alternative for homes or apartments that are small in size, because of the characteristics that give the impression of space in the room. Now, in this article we will discuss more about the contemporary interior design in Scandinivian style.

Neutral Colors that Dominate
Talking about Scandinavian-style interior design, of course it will not be separated from neutral color schemes such as white, gray, black and brownish. The interior with the selection of colors above not only can provide a sense of calm and comfort to its residents. But it can also highlight the color of the furniture in the room.

Less Is More
One of the distinctive features of Scandinavian interior design is less is more, where each furniture is arranged in a simple and functional manner. So, it is highly recommended to choose furniture, which does not make it difficult for residents to move from items that are not needed. If you like, cabinet and shelf can be an alternative as a decoration storage room without reducing the essence of “less is more”.

Wooden floor
To accentuate the thick Scandinavian style, choose material made of wood or neutral colored floor covering material. Both of these can give a broad and warm impression, even providing better lighting in your room. In addition to the material above, you can also use gray tape and ceramics for Scandinavian-style house floors. Currently meterial flooring made from wood or ceramic with a variety of designs suitable for Scandinavian designs have been sold by online marketplaces such as

Simple Furniture Decoration
Scandinavian-style furniture always stands out with a minimalist decoration concept, which uses large windows and thin, neutral colored curtains. This is done so that the occupancy gets maximum lighting. You can also place some fresh plants in the corner of the room, to increase the beauty of the room.

Wood Material

Featuring a thick Scandinavian style, not only can it be highlighted from colored floor covering material made of wood. But also from the use of natural materials to dominate the furniture, roof and walls of your residence. The use of wood can also give the impression of warm, comfortable and make the residents feel at home.


There are many ways that can be done to make the appearance of the house feel comfortable and hommy, one of which is to combine two styles of interior design into one.

For example, like the residence of Achamad Shonny, the man who also works as an architect, built a house by combining Mediterranean design concepts and ethnic Javanese, Al results he also named his design concept Medijavanean.

Shonny said he built a house with this fusion concept in 1997. The house that stands on 200m2 of land is a pilot project of all his work. He said that it didn’t take long to build this house, it only took 100 days.

House Facade

If observed, the house with the Medijavenean concept has a very distinctive shape, the building has a sloping roof with a low slope. On some sides of the house it also has a deliberately open ceiling with a exposed coconut wood framework. This is intentionally done to create good air circulation. One of the uniqueness of this house can also be seen from the finishing walls of buildings that are deliberately made rough so that it creates an old and natural impression. The tile also uses terracotta curves and classic building details that are applied more simply.

First floor

Step into the house, you will be greeted by a traditional Javanese antique gebyok door that looks in harmony with the house. On the first floor you will find several functions of space that are left open without a partition, such as a living room, family room and dining room.

Ethnic touch was felt when I was inside this house with the application of various traditional Javanese trinkets such as furniture, lights, and cabinets. On some sides of the room, exposed bricks without stucco are also displayed, giving rise to a classic and natural impression. Natural nuances can also be seen from the selection of stone-based ceramics which are crossed.

Typical Mediterranean stairs

Go to the second floor, then you will climb a mediterranean ladder equipped with typical Mediterranean mediterranean accents. Just like applying on the first floor, on the second floor, it is also equipped with a variety of Javanese ethnic furniture. In this area there is a family room, three bedrooms and a bathroom.


Shades of green and beautiful when seen in the backyard. Various types of plants adorn this area. In order to reinforce the concept of the building, in the backyard, Shonny also applies some Javanese carved accents. In this area it is also equipped with a set of park benches and a fish pond, so that it can bring out a comfortable, natural and pleasant atmosphere.


Arranging home space is indeed not an easy matter, careful planning is needed, if the origin is carelessly arranging the properties the house will look not good or not as expected.

So it’s not surprising, many people actually prefer to use interior design services to create a dream space, because in addition to being more practical the results are more satisfying.

Well, for those of you who are still confused to organize a home room, here are some reasons why you should use interior design services from Lea Aviliani Aziz, BFA, Chair of HDII (Association of Indonesian Interior Designers).

Helps Realize the Concept

By using the services of an interior designer, you will be helped to realize the concept you want to apply. Suppose you want to create a home room with the concept of Shabby chic, you do not have to bother looking for color paint or furniture that is appropriate to use to realize the concept, because it can be done when hiring the services of an interior design.

Petrifying Composes Costs

One of the advantages of using interior design services is to help arrange the budget for renovating the room. The arrangement includes furniture, electronic equipment materials to various knick-knacks that will be used to fill your room.


Never think if using interior design services will make your expenses swell, because actually using interior design services will actually save you money. Because you will buy goods that will definitely be used, different if you buy yourself, sometimes the item cannot be used, because it is not in accordance with the design concept you want to create.

“Designer also has an extensive network to supply cheap and quality goods, so it can save costs,” Lea said

Costs of Renting Interior Design Services

For this one business is indeed very varied, depending on who the interior design that handles the project, the more famous and experienced interior design, the prices pegged even more expensive. But if averaged, Lea said for prices using beginner interior design services the range reached Rp. 20 to Rp. 30 million, the price includes items that will be used in the room.

“But if you use the services of a designer who already has high flight hours, the price will be more expensive,” said Lea.


The trend of interior design with shabby chic design style, indeed lately began to be in great demand, this design does have a unique characteristic that accentuates the ‘shabby’ but still stylish side, this type of design also gives a vintage impression to the room.

Well, for those of you who want to apply shabby chic in the house, here are the tips.

Create Unfurnished Impressions

One characteristic of shabby chic interior design is that it creates a shabby impression, this shabby impression you can get by intentionally making the room look unfurnished. For example, deliberately not plastering bricks or tables that are intentionally painted unevenly.

Use Soft Pastel Colors

Another characteristic of shabby chic is the use of soft pastel paint colors. In combining colors, choose the main color and balance the complementary colors. But one thing to keep in mind, shabby chic style does not explore much of color and high contrast, but tends to play in a safe monochrome space.

Vintage Furniture

Use a variety of vintage furniture to strengthen the impression, such as a chair, table and others. This vintage impression is also not only on the application of furniture, but also on various other knick-knacks. Like mirrors, flower vases to candle holders.

Use Cain Material

The use of fabric material is also widely used for shaby chic design concepts. Examples are for the use of curtains, meha tablecloths, sofa covers, etc. The fabric used is usually cotton and linen with floral motifs.


Indetic chic shabby with dim lighting, to create that impression you can use indirect lighting systems or indentect lighting. This lighting system is usually lights directed to the ceiling reflected to illuminate the entire room.


Maintaining the beauty of the environment can be done in various ways, including in the house by making a green and beautiful garden. Then what is the story if the house that is owned is not too wide, can it still make a garden? If it’s like this, there are actually many solutions that can be chosen, including making a garden on the roof of a house or roof garden.

Garden on the roof is an alternative reforestation to improve the quality of environmental health in big cities. In addition to adding shade, the roof garden can also be used to absorb toxic gases. Well, in order to commemorate world environmental day, this time the Lamudi property portal will provide some tips for making a garden on the roof of a house.

Stages make a garden on the roof of a house
Cover the roof you want to make the garden with water proofing. Leave it for a day until it is completely dry,
Aci, which is the addition of a layer of cement, requires drying for a day,
Give a layer of water retention (drainage cell) and a layer of retaining soil (geotextile).
After the above process has been done, then given the soil and ready to be planted with plants. Planting begins with grass, shrubs, then tree plants. To prevent damage to the waterproof layer (water proof layer), the retaining layer must be added so that the plant roots do not damage the waterproof layer and the concrete underneath.

For the area of ​​the park does not need to be large, enough with a 4 × 4 square meter of land you can create an adequate roof garden. What needs to be considered is the drainage problem, especially for the disposal of water from plants or rainwater that is contained in the media. Avoid leaks from buildings due to improper drainage systems. One solution for a good drainage system is to provide a certain slope on the roof without concrete. This of course will make the water flow to the drainage well.

Characteristics of plants
Choose plants that can withstand heat, this is important to note considering the location of plant growth is on the roof, which has a distance closer to the sun than ordinary parks.
Avoid rooted plants piercing down like palm. Choose those that have roots to spread and slow growth, for example: pagoda trees. Have frequent flower growth / diligent flowering, for example, roses, jasmine, tread, bougainville. Has a lot of branching to create a rather lush shape. Example: pagoda tree, Cambodia.

Common types of plants used
Soft-stemmed plants, among them, aracea, rulea, brazilian lilies, yellow pandanus, blood symbol. Hard-stemmed plants, including, bougainville, Cambodia. Flowering plants, including, roses, jasmine.


The presence of a gypsum board to beautify the appearance of a house has long been used, usually this type of board is widely used as a roof ceiling of the house, its nature is easily formed and installed making the reason why many gypsum boards are chosen.

Besides being used as a ceiling, it turns out that the gypsum board can also be used as a coating material for the interior walls of the house. Yes, if in the past the community only knew of conventional methods (plastering bricks) to make walls, it turns out that there are now more efficient and practical new ways.

According to R. Krism Hadianto, Strategy & Product Manager of PT Petorjaya Boral Plasterboard (gypsum board manufacturer), using this material to make the interior partition of the house has many advantages compared to concrete walls.

Some of the advantages of gypsum include:

Gypsum board is lighter
When compared to concrete walls, gypsum weight is much lighter, this is precisely the advantage of using this material. Because it will make the occupants of the house safe, especially when an earthquake occurs.

Easy to install
Installation of gypsum for interior walls is very easy, you just prepare the wall frame and this material can be directly taped. The process is relatively fast. Compare with concrete walls, you have to prepare cement and bricks first and then the manufacturing process is quite long.

Easy to repair
In addition to being easy to install, it turns out that the gyopsum is easily repaired, for example if the wall has damage such as a hole or abrasion, you only need to caulk the damaged part, or cut the damaged part and attach it again with the new gypsum board.

Environmentally friendly
Gypsum board is friendly to the environment, because if the material is no longer used, the gypsum will not pollute the soil because it will dissolve directly in the soil. This material can also save energy usage at home, for example if your home room is air-conditioned, gypsum is easier to make the room cool because of its material properties that do not absorb the cold.

The price of a Gypsum Board is more economical
By using gypsum, you will be able to minimize the expenses when building a house, because the nature of gypsum is so light that it does not require you to make a strong home foundation. In addition, you can also install this material yourself for the wall, so you no longer need to pay for construction work.



The Dutch colonized Indonesia for + 350 years, thus affecting all aspects of Indonesian life, one of which is in the field of architecture. Colonial architecture was built during the colonial period, when Indonesia became Dutch colony in 1600-1942. The Dutch East Indies experienced various events and warfare so that architecture and cities hardly develop at all. In Gresik, found the oldest Dutch colonial residence in 1870. That indicates that the impact of the construction of Dutch colonial houses in Gresik has been occurred before Gresik became a city of santri. Therefore, the Dutch colonial house the Dutch colonial period affected aspects of life in Indonesia including in terms of the development of residential architecture.

The condition of residential buildings built in the 1895s generally looks apprehensive. This can be seen from the damage (porous walls) and some parts that have changed their original shape. Some house buildings stay that looks well maintained and facade as well as the condition of the building still like the situation at the beginning because the building owner still cared for and guard the building by making minor repairs to the damaged part. The existence of cultural shifts that occur in society makes existing cultural heritage got the influence of the globalization era which caused the culture to be less important. The building of a residence on Jalan Nyai Ageng Arem-arem is a cultural heritage because this residential building is included in the conservation building that must be
protected and preserved. This residential building in the area of ​​Nyai Ageng Arem-Arem has character strong that differentiates it from the surrounding residential buildings. House building This residence has the character of a building that is two times larger than its size general residence. The selection of facade research studies for residential buildings because the researchers argue that each building seen initially starts from facade.